What's New

February 2004: A "mini" get together was held in North Yorkshire
in February 2004 between two lots of families - Bill, Judy and Katie
together with Mike and Rhonda and their little girl, Anja. Pictures from
the day can be seen by clicking here.

April 2004: There will be another mini get-together in April 2004
in Letchworth, Herts - details from Pat Porter (jandpporter@aol.com).

December 2004: If you would like copies of the fantastic MDS poster
produced by Mike Gibas, contact Judy Green who can supply as a
PDF or a printed version.

February 2005: There is now a dedicated page covering our next big
get together in Calgary, Alberta, Canada this year.  Follow this link or
the button in the home page.

September 2005:  The Down Syndrome Educational Trust is organising a 'cutting edge'
conference on 'Early Intervention and School Education - from Research to
Practice' see the details at http://www.downsed.org/research/conferences/
.  You can also take a look at this PDF file.