Sherri's Page

A few fun facts about me:

full name: Sherri Lenore Robbins
Age: 17
Date of Birth : 11-02-1986

Fav. Food: peanuts
Fav. Book: anything scary or western
Fav. Actor: Orlando Bloom (Lord of the Rings, Legolas)
Fav. Singer: Tim McGraw (country), Steppenwolf (oldie)
Fav. music: Oldies and country
Fav. movie: anything scary or action packed


Sadie's poem
By: Sherri Robbins

Courageous and bold,
I stand between my two masters
They are fast walkers I must admit
But when I sense danger I am alert.

I am dark and mean,
Yet precious and golden
I sense something ahead,
I think it is one of those cottonmouths.

I don't think they see it.
I am swift to get in front of them.
Ah ha! Got it.
I hear Sherri scream. I heard her to yell at Bailey.

They never have to fear
For Sadie-girl is here.

Well, the snake is dead
But it has bitten my snout.
It hurts.

I need to check on the kids.
I think Bailey still doesn't understand what happened.
But Sherri has been so shaken up that she is crying.
She has put her arms around my neck and is thanking me.
I don't know why either.

They have taken me to the vet!!
Man, I don't like this place.

I have laid my head down on Sherri's lap and am whimpering.
I wish she could understand me.
I wish her mom would drive us all back home.
So I can lie down in my warm, comfortable barrel
And drink that cold fresh water that Sherri gave me a while ago.

They have given me a shot.
And it hurt to.
Well, maybe it will help me to fill better.

They have made me stay the night!!
Just wait and see if I ever save them from another moccasin!!
Where is Sherri?!
Where is Bailey?!
I want to go home!!!!

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