Through the eyes of a MosaicDownSyndrome child
by Judy Green

Can you see me looking through my mosaic eyes.
I can see you and you are perfect to me ,
I'm small a little different but I'll get by,
Watch me a while and wait and see,

Days past and I grow and the world does too,
It's not easy a struggle but I can try,
I need a little help from mum dad and you,
Give me time and love and I will not cry,

I am me with hope, love , care , pride,
Now look at me as years have gone by
You have always been by my side
I'm smiling now through my mosaic eyes.


To Katie with all my love (Katie's Birthday 2003)

Time stood still the day you were born
How would I cope with a things that lie ahead

I looked at you so sweet and small
You were mine and I loved you so

As you grew up I watched you a fighter
Anything that got in the way you tried to do
You made me laugh you made me cry
Your smile made my day every day

Today is your birthday 11 today
Were's more presents you said
I thought same as any other child
Cheeky, but that's what you are

Happy birthday sweetheart
You are mine and I love you
Time to reflect again
Your you !!and that's all I ever want


Child of Mine

Do you see this child of mine,
Small maybe imperfect but ....
look at yourself maybe your not too.

Time goes by we all try so hard
life's never easy......... but we all get by
This is child with a difference they say.

look at her she;s perfect ,sweet, and kind
A joy to have ,and she's free
Like the wind , fast or slow or calm

Remember this child as she grows
Day by day it's hard to be her,
But she is herself ,so let her be


If Only

Do you know me! you do!
It's not easy being me today, anyday,
if only you could see me , yes me!
Life's a struggle, perfect. If only.

I watch people walk by me, looking,
I'm I the same, as you I'm I,
Do I look different some say I do,
if only you could see me. If only.

With my feeling the way is hard,
To be whatyou want me to be,
Take a goodlook of who I am,
Im me, just me prefect. If only.

How can I do all that you ask
I look different in time can,
Don't alway's look at what you see,
if only I'd like you to be me. If only.


Maybe someday, sometime

I dream one day to be someone,
Not you but me, someday I will,
Remembering life through it's days,
I am here, can no one see me,

I look around at faces, many faces,
We are all different, I guess in way,
so why !! don't you notice,
I can see you like you see me,

Times go by, I am me really I am.
I want for nothing, a have a life,
Not many want me, why !!!
Maybe different but I'm me,

You be you, a take a look,
I'm happy are you, are you !!
I have to be like this I have ,
So maybe someday, sometime

I see you as you see me,
You have the problem not me,
I'm happy who I am, really I am
Are you happy ,are you, maybe.


Changing schools

You did it didn’t you
Some said you never would
Do they know you
If only they did, they’d know

You’ve made us so proud
It’s not been easy for you
Hard tasks day by day
Your moving on with pride

High school now at last
Primary was fun, friendly
Can I do this next hurdle
I’ll give it a try, just watch me

Through the next few years
I’ll make you proud of me
I can do it just let me
I’m me your you, we’ll be ok


Now you see it, now you don’t
A optical illusion or mosiacdowns

What do you see in me,
I really aren’t what you see .
I look the same as you sometimes
Other times I don’t , So I’ll tell you why

I am unique like a mosaic pattern .
Now you see it Now you don’t !!!
What ! it it an optical illusion, Maybe
No me with “ Mosaicdowns”

Should I explain to you
Would you understand , I don’t
I have got Downs and mosaic
A mixture of both patterns

Take a look at the picture
Of thousands of mosaic tiles
All different colours but lovely
That’s me and my friends.