Judy's diet

Hi everyone,
Need to lose a few pounds try this diet of mine I'm having a go ........
Hope you like it,

Daily Allowances 1000 calories plus 200 for treats (optional)

½ pint (275ml) of semi-skimmed milk for your tea and coffee, unlimited water,
mineral water. Please cut down on those cups of tea, substituting
herb teas, and more water.

Free Vegetables

You can have as much as you like of the vegetables on the
free list below:

Asparagus     Beansprouts     Broccoli     Brussels sprouts     Cabbage
Cauliflower     Celery              Chicory      Chinese leaves        Chives
Courgettes     Cucumber        Curly kale   Endive                    Fennel
Gherkins        Leeks              Lettuce       Mushrooms            Mustard
Cress            Peppers           Radishes    Runner beans         Shallots
Spinach         Spring onions   Tomatoes   Watercress

Serve them lightly boiled or steamed, or as salad. Do not add butter or other fat. Make your own salad dressing using lemon juice, vinegar, black pepper, herbs and garlic. Avoid salt;do not use it in cooking or sprinkle it on your food.


200 calories daily in the second week, decreasing to 150 calories daily in the third week. Buy your chocolate allowance every day, do not hoard it. When you buy it, put it into a tin immediately. Eat your chocolate allowance when things are going well, not when they are going badly. Do not eat chocs when you have had a row with your kids or spouse, nibble them when you are having a jolly time.

Week one

Every Day Choose one breakfast, one Light Meal, one Main meal and two treats

Breakfasts (250 calories)

  •  1 slice wholemeal toast topped with mashed banana and 1 tsp honey, small glass fruit juice
  •  25g any unsweetened cereal, milk from allowance, 1 apple, two crispbreads with a little low-fat  spread
  •  1 egg, boiled or poached, 1 slice wholemeal toast, small glass fruit juice
  •  100g tinned apricots or figs topped with 1 tbsp muesli and 1 tbsp natural yoghurt
  •  2 tbsp sweetcorn, 75g mushrooms poached in chicken stock, grilled tomatoes, 1 grilled  vegiburger, 2 crispbreads

Light Meals (350 calories)

Cooked Meals Any supermarket ready-meal of 350 calories (check pack) or under, with a huge pile of vegetables and/or salad from the free list.

Jacket Potatoes Make a huge salad from the free list, add a 200g jacket potato and one of these toppings

  •  4 tbsp baked beans
  •  1 carton natural yoghurt
  •  100g carton cottage cheese

Salads Make a huge salad using vegetables from the free list and add one of these

  •  200g chicken leg, no skin, grilled or roast, 1 apple or orange, crusty roll
  •  150g grilled or steamed fish, 2 boiled potatoes, 1 small banana
  •  1 small carton cottage cheese, 2 tbsp sweetcorn, 2 chopped apricots, 1 slice wholemeal bread,  1 banana

Sandwiches 2 slices of wholemeal bread with salad from the free list and one of these fillings:

  •  100g tuna in brine with lemon juice
  •  50g lean ham or chicken

Soup Weight Watchers soups from Heinz as a base and add extra vegetables from free list, plus 50g chopped chicken, ham or tuna, 1 small wholemeal roll
Main Meals (400 calories) - don't forget to add piles of free vegetables

  •  75g (cooked weight) wholemeal pasta or wholegrain rice and an apple and orange to follow
  •  100g prawns with tomatoes, garlic, herbs
  •  50g chopped ham with tin of slimmers mushroom soup
  •  100g chicken breast with tin of slimmers chicken soup
  •  1 well-grilled beefburger, 2 tbsp sweetcorn, grilled tomatoes, 1 slice wholemeal bread, 1 large  banana chopped and served with a little milk from allowance and 12g mixed nuts
  •  Any ready meal of 350 calories or less
  •  75g any lean roast meat, thin gravy, 75g peas, 75g carrots, chunks roast potato, 1 apple or  orange
  •  200g grilled chicken leg, no skin, 200g jacket potato, 1 small banana
  •  Casserole of 150g chicken or fish cooked in 1 tin low calorie slimmers soup, with sliced onions  and peppers, 75g potato, mashed with milk from allowance, 1 carton low calorie fromage frais
  •  Takeaway meal of ½ portion medium thin pizza or 1 KFC dinner

Treats or Emergency Snacks (50 calories each) - choose one each day

  •  ½ glass dry wine, topped up with soda and a few grapes
  •  2 crispbreads topped with 1 tbsp cottage cheese and chopped gherkin
  •  1 small banana
  •  10 grapes
  •  1 slice low calorie bread topped with salad from free list

Week Two and subsequent weeks

Add 200 calories of chocolate each day decreasing to 150 calories in Week Three and until you reach your goal weight. You may add one 200 calorie dessert or drink each day.