Felicia Hunt

Something Worth Fighting For

I put on the armour He gives me,
And I stand,
Ready to fight.
Ready to fight for what is right.

I put on the armour He gives me,
And I feel as though nothing can break me.
My sword is up high,
To strike when The Devil attacks.

A blow is thrown,
And I dodge the attack.
Another blow comes my way.
It catches me in my leg


I am weakened by his blow.
But I'm not going to give in.
I stand upright,
I cut him,
And I strike him.
He screams in pain and retreats.

But not for long do I have to wait.
He will come again to strike.
I have to be ready,
I have to wait,
So I can fight him.
And try to overcome him.

A battle I will fight,
For the rest of my earthly life.
It will be worth it.
Even if he kills me,
I won't really be dead.

For Jesus will rise me,
And I will live with Him instead.
Where there is no more fighting.
No more struggle.
And, that is something,
Worth fighting for.