Kids First, MDS Second!
Welcome to the MDS website intended to assist new parents of children
with Mosaic Down Syndrome, wherever you may be in the world.

You are not on your own - we are all here to support each other through
both good and bad times, achievements and struggles!

We hope you find the links useful and feel free to join the MDS UK /
MDS KIDS egroups, where you will be able to exchange e-mails with
other parents/ children in your situation.

Check out the links where you can send in articles, about your child,
personal stories, achievements, poetry, photo's or anything you would
like on the website.

Please email them to or with the link you require.

MDS 3rd Get Together - On the weekend of the 27th - 28th October
2006, families gathered in Portsmouth to attend the third MDSUK Get
Together. Click here to see what they got up to.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our MDS UK website.

Other News:

Enter the Christmas Card competition! The first entry from Katie Green can be seen by Clicking Here


Take a look on the What's New page for details of the Down Syndrome Educational Trust 'cutting edge' conference on 'Early Intervention and School Education - from Research to Practice'.  Also take a look at CarriAnn Hougen's recent newspaper article.

A quote from Sherri:

If you were given the pick of a litter of puppies, all but one of them being solid
black, with the other one being speckled and a bit smaller than the rest,
which one would you pick? Sherri would pick the speckled one anyday. Like
being Mosaic, it has many different colors, as a person with Mosaicism has
different types of chromosomes and speckled is way more interesting than
just one color!


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